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Ahsoka redirects here. Ahsoka Tano, nicknamed "Snips" by her Master and known as "Ashla" after the Clone Wars, was a Jedi Padawan who, after the conflict, helped establish a network of various rebel cells against the Galactic Empire. Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Jedi.

Why does Ahsoka wear suggestive clothing in Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Ahsoka is 16 in the Clone Wars, how old is she in Rebels? Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV series): Why does Anakin call Ahsoka "Snips"?.

This could very well be an older version of Ahsoka. Personally I like her better with shorter mentrals but Oh yeah! Comment if you Like her.

Ahsoka's body language and voice patterns in that clip are so glaringly Adult Ahsoka rather than Teen Ahsoka and it is painful. The last time we saw her she still.

Ahsoka Tano in her teens during Star Wars The Clone Wars and her as an adult during Star Wars Rebels. Does anyone know where she got white light sabers?.