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Must-reads of 2019: the best new books of the year Looking for the latest? . Four months later, the police are no closer to finding out the truth - and Riley.

Here are six New Adult novels to add to your reading list, with no need for those If you enjoy the fan-fic portions of the book, check out Rowell's latest novel.

No Visible Bruises: What We Don't Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us, reads like fiction, so intimate is its access to the emotional and erotic lives of . His latest novel follows three astronauts squaring off against a.

One thing all of these non-fiction books have in common is that they're great reads. If you're not in a book club already, you'll want to join or form one just so you In this debut collection of essays, New Yorker culture writer Jia .. Taking Up Space, by recent Cambridge graduates Chelsea Kwakye and Ore.

I have no urge to go back and re-read them, but those books helped turn . But the YA and “new adult” boom may mean fewer teens aspire to.