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Adults thumb-sucking: One in ten do it, but what are the reasons behind it? - Sunday Post adult sucker thumb

Thumb sucking is a perfectly normal habit for babies and young children, but while most grow out of it by age five, some never do. Some experts believe that adult thumb sucking is quite common, with around 1 in 10 adults secretly engaging in the habit for comfort. “I think that.

Sandra Trebinski of the Hypnotherapy Centre, in Windsor, Berkshire, sees at least 200 or 300 adult thumb-suckers a month — and believes the.

Researchers reckon more than one in 10 adults suck their thumbs, of their adult thumb-suckers use their left thumb, with the slight majority.

Hi, my name is Erik Germ, and I have been a thumb sucker for 29 years.

The opening quote is taken from Janice Erlbaum's blog article “I was an adult thumbsucker” (a habit she managed to kick when she was 26.