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Bone that is bound to the fist. Used to enhance hand-to-hand combat. Salvaged from a malformed creature. Enables one to fight with inhuman.

The Bone Fist is a fist weapon in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King. As implied by the description, the Bone Fist enhances hand-to-hand combat, allowing.

The Dragon Bone Fist is a gauntlet in Dark Souls. The Dragon Bone Fist can be forged by the Giant Blacksmith with the Core of an Iron Golem and a+10 Caestus .

The bone fist can compliment any build without slowing you down. You can take your opponent off guard by switching to the bone fist or start with it and change.

Bone Fist in offhand, Caestus in main hand to get Caestus-based power stance moveset while still getting the 2x poise damage and improved counter damage.