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2010 Indiana Code TITLE 35. CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE ARTICLE 49. Indiana may have more current or accurate information. We make no.

TITLE 35. CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE ARTICLE 49. (1) sends or brings into Indiana obscene matter for sale or distribution; or (2) offers to distribute.

An overview of Indiana's child pornography laws, including the levels of selling, sending, or presenting materials showing sexual conduct or showing the of child pornography showing sexual conduct of children or adults appearing to be .

inclusion in Indiana Law Journal by an authorized editor of Digital. Repository Two criminal statutes controlling distribution of obscene material were struck . These statutes, unlike the adult criminal obscenity statutes, appear consistent with.

Pictures of a sexual nature can get you into trouble with the law. If you are Adults who talk to you about sex online are committing a crime. So are adults who.