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The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Silicon Structure bodies . Manifesting just about anywhere, this is a sign of purifying and releasing.

Indigo Adult Purpose and Mission on Planet Earth Spiritual body art a process of personal cleansing, healing and purification first before your.

to help others. See more ideas about Indigo children, Spirituality and Meditation. Indigo Children and Adults . Smudging & Cleansing .. Know thy body.

5 Crystals for Indigos. Top crystals for indigo adults and indigo children. #indigo. Lizzy · Mind, Body & Spirit Indigo Children & Adults, Crystal Beings.

In the last two decades, powerful and sensitive Indigo and Crystal Children have made Earth home. As a Crystal Child Adult, here's how I manage my energy. Energize your body with healthy food. check out my free list of 5D Ascension resources to purify your energy and continue raising your vibration.