Chapter 1. ORIGINS AND BREEDS OF DOMESTIC GEESE - wild goose having white adult plumage


Hinterland Who's Who - Canada Goose wild goose having white adult plumage

All white with black flight feathers, pink bill with prominent black grin patch, and pink legs. Ross's Goose Adult white morph is similar to Snow Goose Ross's.

The first are thought to have their origins in Europe, descendants of the wild . of its adult plumage colour with the males being white and the females grey.

An extensive summary of atypical plumages in wild geese was pre- viously made by Gladstone . Plate 2, C, a white-bellied adult male is contrasted with a more.

Adult plumage is generally grayish-tan with a distinctive brown mask around the eye Underparts white to pale gray with dark of upperparts extending through.

Many birds with colored dorsal plumage have white underparts and among waterbirds extensive . colored adult plumage and the other in Wild Geese.