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This book is another werewolf story. The pov is of Elizabeth, Alpha Josh's mate. Elizabeth goes through hell in many ways but Josh will always be there to help.

The Sexual Monster: How the Werewolf is a Lone Sexual Monster and Foil to the Vampire. 2014. Author(s): Tori, Cabot; Advisor(s): Lang, Jonathan.

When she does appear the she-wolf is often a sexual beast. In Housman's story it is not the werewolf who is the sexual wanton it is Sweyn.

As with vampires, there's a sexual element to werewolves. While vampires tend to be smooth and sexually charged, the typical werewolf is hyper-masculine.

It's only fairly recently that culture has equalized that opportunity—with True Blood's fairer-sex werewolves, for example, or Veruca from Buffy.