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A high number of white blood cells in semen is referred to as pyospermia. Learn more from Cleveland Clinic about how this condition can affect male fertility.

White blood cells (WBCs) in abnormally high numbers, usually greater than 1 million per cc, is a sign of inflammation in the semen. It is important that WBC.

Human semen contains mystery round cells - new research confirms A high number of white blood cells can indicate some kind of infection.

The semen analysis test is the most important infertility test. Semen analysis For example, an increased white blood cell count may indicate infection or inflammation. Dead sperm is red staining and alive sperm is coloress (white). 58% or.

White blood cells in semen affect hyperactivation but not sperm membrane integrity in the . the total number of sperm (sperm with non-red-col- ored heads plus.