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Yo. Wassup with your asstick, I was only 15 minutes late. Or, chill out, dude, your assstick is showing. Or, my friend is such a pain in the ass. He's cool and all, but.

some one with a stick up their ass. Someone who is so focused on following the rules that they often seem to have no sense of humor, no spontaneity, and no.

Sandy often referred to as a "prissy do-gooder with a stick up his ass," credited Sanderson & Dunn with his swift ascent from the House to the Senate to the White.

I've also heard it said that "a stick up your ass" means you act as if you are superior to others. You ego is large and you are condescending to others. How is that.

rude slang A rigid and uptight demeanor. I can't believe Ms. Jones gave me a demerit for being a minute late! Ugh, she has such a stick up her ass! Tim's no fun .