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Learn More About Your Clitoris: It’s Not Just a Tiny Nub do you pee from your clitoral

There is no “clitoris hole.” If you look at this drawing, you can see that a woman's “ pee hole” (the opening of her urethra) is separate from her clitoris. 46.3k views.

As parents, we should know what's going on down there and how to talk about the vagina (and below the clitoris) so, yeah, when women pee the pee does.

Does urine exit the female body from the vagina or the clitoris? If you have questions about your own body, you may want to reach for a mirror.

Not only should you know what your body looks like, because, well, small opening, which is where urine comes out, is right below the clitoris.

There's nothing wrong with you if you've ever had a “pee-gasm. clitoris and there's a sudden release of this pressure, it can cause those nerves to fire off “It is not healthy to hold your urine in to have an orgasm,” Brito said.