Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace DFEH-185 Brochure Equivalent - free pamlets on sexual harassment


*SPANISH* Sexual Harassment: Crossing the Line Pamphlet - Primo Prevention free pamlets on sexual harassment

been sexually harassed or retaliated against may file a complaint of Toll Free: ( 800) 884-1684. TTY: (800) This pamphlet may be duplicated in any quantity.

Choose from handouts or posters. To order free print materials in English and en español, click here. RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline Outreach Guide.

A brochure about preventing sexual abuse among children and youth. Safe Strong and Free: What Can I do About Secret Touching/Child Sexual Abuse?.

have been sexually harassed may file a complaint of For more information, contact DFEH toll free at. (800) 884- either distribute this pamphlet (DFEH 185).

Free Pamphlets on Labor and Employment Laws (2019) explanation of employee rights under California's harassment and discrimination laws. DFEH- 185 Sexual Harassment · DFEH-186 Pregnancy Leave · DFEH-187 Hate Violence.