"A Guy Licked My Armpit During Sex" and 9 Other Hilarious Confessions - lick your armpits


Can the average person lick their own armpit? lick your armpits

Make him lick your underarms.Goodnight. 9:47 PM - 9 Sep 2019. 5,462 Retweets; 39,806 Likes; keren · Miracle · princess · Jenni Hernandez · Natii Thee Hottie.

http://www.kiddnation.com Kristin Stewart says Robert Pattinson enjoyed licking her armpits while in bed together. Kidd tries to get Kellie or J-Si.

Do women like and enjoy it when their partner make some compliment on their armpit, like smell them and lick them? Why do I feel like smelling and licking the armpits of girls when I see them in sleeveless tops? I like to lick the sweat off my girlfriend's armpits.

So I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and reading all the hard facutal evidence we find on the internet and up walks my 7 year old. "Dad.

The real question is can you lick your elbow . about 4 years ago. Reply. 1. 0. 5472-14-472834715-profile-1899011-0. MøöpÿDôöpÿ. you just tried it didn't you.