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Forget the experts, we go directly to the Moms to answer all of those tough parenting questions. At http://www.mommyVSmommy.com you''ll.

When I was around 19 I came home for a visit and happened to see Madison, the neighbors daughter walking towards her mother's house. She was 15 and it.

You're both adults so it's consensual. I assume she has agreed. Then the question is: what is the nature of the spanking? It is for punishment? Or is it for fun ?.

I used spanking as a form (one form) of discipline for deliberate disobedience I spanked all of my kids, and My son has his masters in Med. Technology and.

I was equally offended by the holy rollers who twisted Bible verses into a spanking justification. No, justification isn't a strong enough word. A mandate to spank.