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Penis shrinkage: Causes, treatment, and why it happens penis by age

How do your sex organs change in size, appearance and function with age?.

The average penis length by age, outlined in Adolescent and Young Adult Health Care: A Practical Guide by Dr. Lawrence Neinstein, should.

Average penis size. For many at age 16, that’s an average flaccid (not erect) length of about 3.75 inches and an average erect length between 5 and 7 inches. The girth (circumference) of a flaccid penis and an erect penis average about 3.6 inches and 4.5 inchesTrusted Source.

You'd like to think that at least some areas of our bodies will be spared the indignities of aging, but one day you realize: Mr. Happy gets older.

As men age, their penises and testicles will experience some shrinkage. Many men report that their penis appears smaller when they gain.