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Titanium Bottom Bracket Axle. Essential Fitting Instructions. Royce componenE are manufadurcd to exacting tolerances. As such, areless installation can cause.

Fitting tolls for installing Royce bottom brackets Supplied with Full instructions For use with shorter Bottom Bracket Axles that do not require Locking Rings.

I have a Royce Ti BB on one of my SS's, beautifully made, just follow the fitting instructions (degrease cranks and taper, tighten cranks to correct torque, short.

The set up instructions do appear daunting at first as three types of cup set I bought the tool and still managed to scuff up the cups which was.

Product 1 - 17 of 17 Bottom Bracket Axle RT0001 Fitting Tool for standard cups & rings Qty: Bottom Bracket Axle T1000 Torque Wrench 3/8" square drive.