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Will All the Atreyu Fans Please Stand Up? | MetalSucks why atreyu suck

Metal Sucks Serious question: who are Atreyu's fans in 2015? Like those two bands, Atreyu were influential and groundbreaking when.

Metal Sucks ATREYU ARE SO DESPERATE TO GET THEIR CRED BACK I understand the thinking behind it – “Atreyu is terrible, Hollywood.

what do you guys think about atreyu are they good bad..or do you all together just hate them!!!!leave one i really want to know.

I juts this listened to Atreyu-The Time is Now. What the fuck? These guys do see to be so heavy. Now they sound like Imagine Dragons. I'm el.

Actually, with the exception of Trivium, who almost isnt metalcore, Metalcore in general sucks. (This goes for all you Atreyu fans to). Anyways "City of Evil" is shit.