Why women watch men masturbate - watched husband masturbate


I love to watch my husband masturbate when he is on his business trip - Mylust.com watched husband masturbate

9 women on why they love watching guys masturbate "I very much love watching men masturbate. It is the "I love watching my husband.

I'm so turned on watching my husband masturbate. I love watching the look on his face and how his body tenses as he is touching himself.

It is pretty well known that men love to watch women pleasure themselves, but I wanted to know from wives if they like to watch their husbands.

I am very embarrassed to talk about this because it goes farther then watching my husband masturbate. Im not sure how to start talking about it.

I love watching my husband masturbate and always have. I've only felt comfortable masturbating in front of my husband in the last couple of.